Resource Vetting Add-in Feature

A company’s key asset is its people. Moreover, in intelligence gathering, assets are vetted in order to be assessed for their usefulness.

Vetting is the process of performing a background check on a person, verifying the truth and accuracy of documents and information before making a hiring decision, such as offering them employment, consultancy, or contractor agreements or conferring an award.

Titan SIM’s add-in feature Resource Vetting works with Refinitiv World-check data statements, which are used by practically all major banks, legal consultancies, hundreds of government organizations, and intelligence agencies around the world.

Our Resource Vetting feature has implemented a set of criteria that need to be inspected prior to entering into any type of agreement. Global coverage and content includes:

  • Politically exposed persons (PEP), close associates & family members
  • State-owned entities & state invested enterprises
  • Global sanctions lists
  • Narrative sanctions (sanctions ownership information)
  • AI-powered negative media screening
  • Global regulatory & law enforcement lists
  • Negative media
  • Iran economic interest (IEI)
  • US SAM
  • Vessels information
  • Beneficial ownership

In addition to the background check, Titan’s Resource Vetting feature provides the related false-positive verification workflows, as well as evidence features for audit purposes.

Titan’s add-in Resource Vetting feature is available now and can be assessed upon request at a very attractive subscription fee & on-demand pricing.

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