The Procurement Emergency Room

Our April Procurement Whitepaper, about Getting Indirect Procurement through the crisis and building resilience and agility for the post-pandemic era.

By Oliver Engelbrecht and Roland Püttmann-Holgado.

Compared to the financial crisis of 2007/2009, Corona has hit all economic sectors by storm, while Procurement, supply chain, and strategic sourcing functions of the world found themselves in a unique position.

Our April Procurement White Paper is about trends (data sourcing) that have emerged or were accelerated by the crisis. Also, it was focused on Indirect Procurement (IT-related products and services; contingent workforce and professional services; facilities management; marketing, communications and PR; HR services; travel and fleet management).

To read the full White paper about 14 crucial sets of activities, structured into 3 central phases, download our PDF below.

WP Apr 2020.pdf

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