Best-in-Class Data Feature

The usage of supplier Big Data in companies (i.e. procurement departments and business functions) offers huge potential to realize savings and improve performance by leveraging internal and external supplier information for sourcing, delivery and to meet the increasing need for detailed supplier information in regards to e.g. risk, regulatory compliance, environmental, social and corporate governance requirements.

Major challenges for companies when handling market Big Data are technology, data quality, timeliness, accessibility of data, and deriving actionable insights.

Titan’s Software-as-a-Service Supplier Information Management Platform (SIM) offers a solution to access all important supplier information on the company level in one place and is fully up- and down-stream integrable and supplementary to large system providers in the Source to Contract or Purchase to Pay area.

Titan handles all the technology challenges for you and ensures data quality and timeliness on a company level and creates accessibility to valuable supplier information by combining 3rd party data sources, own supplier information enrichments, and supplier-provided public or private information into searchable and customized company profiles and stands for high-quality managed premium market data.

Through our features and add-ins Discovery, Supplier risk rating, Rate card information, Contract repository, and Product & Partner catalogue and Resource vetting (add-in) we provide you with actionable insight to improve your value-chains and increase your ability to meet compliance requirements efficiently.

Titan SIM Platform is an “all-in-one” service to access high-quality premium market data, without worries about the challenges (i.e. Data Quality, Data Accessibility, Data Timeliness, Actionable Insights or Technology) that may arise while leveraging supplier Big Data for procurement.

We can provide Best-in-Class Data by relying on data feeds from the best and common data providers in the market advanced by expert company profile reviews and enrichment, compared with regular reviews and active supplier cooperation by validation of pre-existing information and survey-based profile enhancements.

Currently, we provide 1250 company profiles and manage up to 65 supplier information with approx. 3000 associated data points per company profile and with a focus on Professional Services and IT categories in the DACH region. 

To read the full description of our Best-In-Class Data Feature, download a PDF.

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