Risk Rating Feature Product

Risk Rating Feature

admin - May 17, 2021

Titan’s Risk Rating standard combines data feeds, self-declarations, false-positive review processes & procedures, and reporting. In just one solution.  Our subscription includes data from the most important companies in your market, while data for every other firm can be easily requested. By using proprietary portals of our data feed providers, Titan’s integrated approach represents a […]

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Best-in-Class Data Feature Product

Best-in-Class Data Feature

admin - May 11, 2021

The usage of supplier Big Data in companies (i.e. procurement departments and business functions) offers huge potential to realize savings and improve performance by leveraging internal and external supplier information for sourcing, delivery and to meet the increasing need for detailed supplier information in regards to e.g. risk, regulatory compliance, environmental, social and corporate governance […]

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Supplier Discovery Framework Service Product

Supplier Discovery Framework Service

admin - May 6, 2021

Discovery is the act of finding something that has not been known before. By searching through Titan’s continuously growing catalogue of relevant company profiles, you can effectively identify potential suppliers for your sourcing requirement. Titan’s high-end Capability framework has up to 500 capabilities, product groups, and tags, such as industry association memberships, geographical distance to […]

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Rate Benchmarking Add-in Feature Product

Rate Benchmarking Add-in Feature

admin - April 4, 2021

Are you getting a fair price from your suppliers and are you 100% sure that these prices are in line with market potential in your business, country and/or region? Understanding rates and prices and comparing them is a very time-consuming task because it includes actions such as requesting proposals, analyzing data, making apple with apple […]

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Contract Review Add-in Feature Product

Contract Review Add-in Feature

admin - March 18, 2021

A contract is a legally binding document and should be taken very seriously. In general, good contracts are commercially well balanced, without (hidden) pitfalls, and supported by excellent terms and conditions. In order to make an excellent prerequisite to a great deal for all parties involved, everything stated in the contract should be understandable and […]

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Resource Vetting Add-in Feature Product

Resource Vetting Add-in Feature

admin - March 17, 2021

A company’s key asset is its people. Moreover, in intelligence gathering, assets are vetted in order to be assessed for their usefulness. Vetting is the process of performing a background check on a person, verifying the truth and accuracy of documents and information before making a hiring decision, such as offering them employment, consultancy, or […]

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