Risk Rating Feature

Posted Mon, 05/17/2021 - 12:30

Titan’s Risk Rating standard combines data feeds, self-declarations, false-positive review processes & procedures, and reporting. In just one solution. 


Our subscription includes data from the most important companies in your market, while data for every other firm can be easily requested. By using proprietary portals of our data feed providers, Titan’s integrated approach represents a direct deep dive into the risk data. We are also able to provide surveys for a supplier's self-declaration, sustainability, and delivery performance. Easy-to-use and perfectly extendable.


Titan-certified suppliers meet our balanced minimum standards to minimize supplier risks and ensure supplier efficiency, quality assurance, and competitiveness.

Compliance with those standards was verified through 360° assessment, which is part of the onboarding process and is reviewed periodically.


We offer a supplier risk rating that’s based on a mature 360° Supplier Risk Assessment and supported from the Buyer-specific false positive remediation, risk classification, governance, and reporting process.


Titan Risk Rating covers 15 risk areas, divided into 5 Risk Categories. One of our many useful features in this area is that it’s modularly extensible. If you have additional requirements, we can discuss them together and find the right solution.


Let us start the journey of success together. We are looking forward to it.


To read the full description of our Risk Rating Feature, download a PDF below.